Code of Conduct

The Swing Dance Community takes it's safety very seriously. To ensure everyone feels safe and unthreatened, we have put in place a Code of Conduct.

Please take the time to read this and if you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.



sydney lindy exchange code of conduct

Sydney Lindy Exchange is dedicated to providing a fun, safe and inclusive environment for all of our Dancers, Teachers, Bands, DJ’s, Volunteers and Staff.

We are all about creating an environment to swing dance, make new friends and feel safe. We encourage you to be who you are, and don’t allow any discrimination, racism, homophobic or sexist behaviour at our events. It’s just not ok!!

Dancing is one of the most self expressive activities you can do, and we want to encourage you to feel confident dancing as a Lead or Follow, and with whomever you like. Shine on the dance floor, without fear of judgement! SLX is a weekend to enjoy the fun of Lindy Hop, and make new friends.

Learning to dance can be an intimidating experience, until we gain our confidence. Sideline teaching from fellow students is meant with the best intentions, however it can sometimes crush someone’s confidence. Please refrain from offering advice to fellow students, unless they have specifically asked you for it. A great piece of advice is to ask a teacher to watch you both dance and give you feedback.

Remember to always ask a partner to dance politely, and thank them for dancing with you.

If somebody asks you to dance, and you don’t feel like it, you are not obliged to say yes.  Remember to politely say “I’m sorry, but I don’t feel like dancing at the moment, maybe we can dance later”. It can take a lot of confidence to go up and ask someone to dance, for some people, so remember to be friendly in your reply.

Some SLX events will be attended by Under 18’s. Please ensure that appropriate behaviour on and off the dance floor is observed. No alcohol is permitted to be given to any Under 18’s.

SLX Events will be held in a variety of venues, of varying styles, floor surfaces and sizing. Please be aware of the space you are dancing in, and other dancers on the floor. Please apologise if you happen to bump into another dancer on the floor – it’s just polite. Please keep aerials for the Competition Events, to help create a safe dance space.

If anyone is behaving in a manner that is not ok to you, please speak to any of the Sydney Lindy Exchange event staff, who will evaluate and address the situation, in a private/confidential manner. We are here for you!

If you are observed, or reported for acting in a manner that is against our all inclusive, safe environment Policy, we will discuss your behaviour with you, and ultimately you may be asked to leave our events. If this is the outcome, you will not be issued a refund.

In extreme circumstances, a matter may be reported the Police and other Swing Dance Schools to protect our fellow Swing Dance Community members.

We want you to have a fantastic Swing Dancing weekend, enjoy your time at SLX 2017 and feel safe and included. We’d love to see you back at SLX 2018.

If you would like to discuss any matters with us, please call 0413 002 868 or email