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young kang

Young began her dancing career as a jazz dancer in 2000 before making the switch to swing in 2005. Since then, she has continued to enhance her dance education through a variety of styles of dance including ballet, tap, and belly dance, and has taken up yoga. In 2007, she made her debut as a swing dance instructor.

In addition to teaching, Young has competed in and won many different competitions starting with the PSSF in 2009 and including the Korean Lindy Hop Championships (KLHC), International Lindy Hop Championships (ILHC), and the NJC.

Young has joined various performing teams since 2006, most notably as the Head Choreagrapher and Coordinator for Night and Day, a competitive swing dance performance team, since 2011.

Since 2008, she has participated in and choreographed many performances and events including the Herräng Dance Camp in Sweden, the ULHS, Camp Hollywood, the ESDC, Lindy Focus, and Camp Jitterbug. Since becoming a professional swing dancer in 2015, she has been working as a dancer, instructor, and judge, actively promoting and sharing events and many other projects in various dance communities both in Korea and overseas.

2005 - 2016 Lindy Studio Manager & Instructor
2011 - 2016 Night and Day Coordinator and Head Choreographer; YTs training team Manager; Member
2017 - (Korea) Triple Crown Swing Academy Main Instructor
2018 - (France) Studio Hop Summer Camp Instructor


soochan lee

Soochan’s dancing career began with street dance in 1991 before transitioning to swing dance in 2002. He began his career as an instructor in 2004, and is well-known in Korea’s many dance communities as one of the forerunners of the swing dance scene. In 2005, he became a professional swing dancer, devoting all of his time and energy to honing his skills and promoting dance in Korea and abroad.? Since becoming a professional dancer, he has given countless lessons and made substantial contributions to the growth and development of swing dance.

Since 2008 he has been invited to dance and teach around the world, in many different cities and countries across 5 continents. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he has also competed in and won many different national and internationally recognised competitions starting in 2009 with the Korea Swing Festival. He went on to win first place in the Korean Lindy Hop Championships during that same year. In 2014, he blew crowds away by winning the Hellzapoppin Competition organised to celebrate Frankie Manning’s centennial. In 2014 he added another first to his list by being the first Korean dance teacher at Herräng Dance Camp, an internationally renowned swing dance camp.

He has led Night and Day, a swing dance performing team, since 2011. In addition to hosting a variety of performances and events, Night and Day has won several dance competitions both at home and abroad. They are also the first swing dance performing team in Korea to host a full theatre performance.

In 2017, he established the Triple Crown Swing Dance Academy to bring swing dance to a wider audience. The academy is located in Seoul, Korea. At present, he is actively engaged as a dancer, instructor, and judge, both nationally and internationally, and working to promote swing dance both domestically and internationally.

2003 - 2004 Korea Lindy Society, Member
2005 - 2016 Lindy Studio, Main Instructor
2011 - 2016 Night and Day Performance Team & YTs training team, Team Leader
2014 - (Sweden) Herräng Dance Camp, Instructor
2016 - (France) Studio Hop Summer Camp, Instructor
2017 - (Korea) Triple Crown Swing Academy CEO, Main Instructor


The Workshops

Workshops will be aimed at a Intermediate/Advanced Level. It is expected that you have a good solid knowledge of Lindy Hop basics and foundation steps. Please check with a Swing Dance teacher if you are unsure of your level. 

The workshops will be held on the Saturday and Sunday from 11am-4pm at the Balmain Town Hall, 370 Darling Street, Balmain. Limited on-street parking is available – please car-pool or use public transport if possible.

For a full list of classes and content, see the Timetable page, or click here to see all Passes/Packages available and to register.



Adult Single Class: $55
Adult Full Day: $100
Adult Full Weekend Workshop Pass: $180

U18's Single Class: $40
U18's Full Day: $70
U18's Full Weekend Workshop Pass: $120