Meet the DJ's


Matt Greenwood

SLX are very excited to announce that we are importing one of Australia's best DJs direct from Brisbane. Matt Greenwood will be cranking out the tunes for ASDC on Friday night and we just can't wait to hear what he's got in store!

Matt has been DJing Swing Dance events since 2004, firstly in Melbourne and then across Australia at Swing and Blues exchanges. Since moving to Brisbane he has been a regular DJ around Brisbane social dances, BLX and Balboa on the River.  Matt loves the big band sounds of Basie, Ellington, Webb and Henderson, but will try to play anything once to get people dancing.



Jo Dickison

Jo started swing dancing in 2012 (after building up the courage for over two years to go to her first class) and quickly became addicted to the dance, the fashion, the community and the music.

With over 25 years experience as a club DJ mixing vinyl, Jo brings her expertise to the Swing Dance scene, reading the crowd and selecting tracks that surprise and delight. Stemming from years of hunting through record bins, Jo still loves searching for and discovering new tracks. And whilst you can’t go past the classics, merging old with new is her specialty – favouring contemporary artists covering the greats, or Swing versions of pop songs. 

She loves playing cruisy Swing, (perfectly suited to a late night) and tracks that put a smile on dancer's faces.


alice roberts

Alice lives, dances and DJs in sunny Sydney. She loves Jazz and has DJ'd at many interstate and international events including the Little Big Weekend, Melbourne Lindy Exchange, Melbourne Swing Festival, Sydney Swing Festival, Canberräng, Aussie Girl Jam, Hullaballoo, Slowdown, and Herräng. In her sets you will hear Basie, Hamp, Ella, and that version of Easy Does It. You know the one.


susan barnes

Susan has been listening to Blues since forever and dancing to it for about 8 years. She first started Swing and Blues dancing in Adelaide, and has become a fixture in the Sydney Blues scene by participating, teaching and DJing at regular events since moving here 5 years ago. She is a strong advocate for safe, inclusive and welcoming dance spaces for all bodies.

Susan is passionate about encouraging Blues music and movement that is authentic and true to the original style, and is respectful of the historical context in which Blues music was born and raised. She is currently having fun exploring Blues idiom music and movement, and sharing her discoveries with the Sydney Blues community.

While you will hear a range of tracks and artists in her set, Susan's taste for raw, emotive Delta and Chicago Blues is perfect for the slow and sweet late-night shifts at SLX.


Loosha Hogendorn

Loosha has been DJing Blues around Sydney for about 5 years, regularly playing for dancers at the monthly Juke Joint and previously for Blues After Hours.

Loosha is passionate about Blues music and loves finding new gems to play, especially if it’s new music from Australian artists - although she also loves the old classics from Muddy Water, Howling Wolf, Nina Simone, BB King, Big Maybelle and many many more.


tim jones

Tim Jones likes DJing! He's a big fan of big band swing music from the 30s and early 40s, and/or late night music that sounds like a good whisky. Melbourne based, he can be found dancing: a) in any venue with social dancing or b) while waiting for the kettle to boil at work.

Photo credit: Mark Rotondella (with edits by Tim Jones).