Meet the DJ's



Max has been DJing for a few years at events such as MLX, Hullabaloo, SLX, Southern Blues, Canberrang and more.  He has a wide repertoire but as an ex-musician he favours high-fidelity music that can be heard on all corners of the floor over some of the more quirky tracks.  Of course, there will be plenty of gems hidden among the old favourites whether it’s Lindy or Blues, early or late, high energy or low.

Max loves music with strong vocals and solid rhythm section, but the solos could come from anywhere (piano, sax, bass, whatever) if they’ve got enough sass.

chris kearns

Chris loves DJing blues music nearly as much as he loves dancing to it. For Chris, watching people dance to the tracks he loves is a thrill he doesn't tire of. He also enjoys the process of collecting blues music but won't admit to how much time he has spent lost down the rabbit holes of the interwebs searching for the next killer track.

Chris DJ's in his local blues scene in Sydney as well as at national events in Australia. His proudest DJing moment to date was being voted best volunteer DJ at The Blues Experiment in the US in May 2015.

justine kinkade

Justine started DJing in Sydney in 2006 and has DJed at local and interstate events including Jazz Bang, Little Big Weekend, Canberrang, Melbourne Swing Festival and Swing Camp Oz. Hard swinging classic jazz for lindy hopping is what you’ll hear.

All killer. No filler... or Glen Miller.

dan carruthers

Dan love watching dancers dance almost as much as dancing himself and the DJ booth is the perfect vantage point. He will be watching the floor, mixing up tempos and styles and trying his best to make sure as many people are dancing and smiling as possible.


loosha hogendorn

Loosha starting swing dance classes in 2008 and loved it from the first triple step but fell in love with the music more. She became passionate about collecting the music and putting together the best song sets she could find. Over the last 5 years Loosha has been regularly playing that music for swing dancers at Sydney venues and events including SwingPit, Juke Joint, SBOSS, Attune to Blues and The Winter Performance Ball, for Lindyhop, Balboa and Blues dancers.

Loosha loves music with a strong beat and a fabulous voice, music that will get toes tapping and people up on the dance floor. Whether it’s a swinging beat for Lindyhop, a medium or fast bounce for Balboa or a slow tune with feeling for Blues, Loosha will have that right tune for you.

Andy Firth

Andy digs anything with a great rhythm and beat, especially when you can dance to it, so Blues music sits just perfectly for him.

DJing for over 3 years now, he’s been hooked ever since his first set. Slow or fast, upbeat or downbeat, he’s searching to spin those special rarities, the songs that really make the moment, the ones you walk away from hopefully thinking, "can dancing get any better than this?".

If he has anything to say about it, then yes it can—just hold on a little longer while he tries to find that song for you.


Crystle has been part of the Perth swing dance scene for the past 16 years. As the owner of The Swing Academy dance school in Perth for 6 years and a full time circus trainer, she found her two loves - circus and dance - worked perfectly together.

Sadly, 3 years ago, a freak accident which included roller skates, disco and air guitar moves, tragically nearly ended Crystle's dance and circus career. Resolved not to give up on the dance scene she loved, Crystle took up DJing in a hope it would fill the gap. But DJing ended up filling, spilling over, and drowning the gap, giving Crystle in a new and previously unexplored personal endeavor which has brought so much joy to her social and professional life that she would now choose to DJ over dancing if she had to.  

Crystle prides herself on finding unusual recordings, unknown artists and big brass sounds to fill her set. She loves NOLA inspired songs as well as smooth slow Lindy, and will mix a variety of tempos and genres to create an exciting and ever changing dance floor experience.